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Alison Irene Meyer CSNU - This site is used to inform all the souls Alison (Liberty) meet on her lifeline for a moment, for a short time or for a lifetime.

Liberty has devoted her life working for and with the spirit world. As well as working with the earthlings that pass by her lifeline for support, love and kindness. She devotes her earth life to unconditional love and peace for all.

Liberty has a vast amount of studies behind her such as Mental Medumship, Physical Mediumshaip, Healing, Trance, Philosophy,
Reiki Master, NLP Practioner, Kranio Sakral Practioner, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and has been a teacher in these subjects since 2004. 

Since 1985 Liberty has been a single mother, working in the oil industry in Norway holding a degree in Admin and Economy. She has also worked in the film industry. Liberty has been teaching art a vast number of years and has also sold her work around the world. In 1999 - 2001 she left Norway to seek her soul purpose in life. On her travels she met her soul mate whom she married, sadly he passed away from a medical malpractice 5 months later. She traveled the United Kingdom, Australia and USA. By observing herself speak about Norway in a loving way, she finally traveled back to Norway, sold her home and built a new smaller home on her 50th birthday, holding the secret for 6 months until moving day to her friends and family. She now resides and has her home base on the island of Karmøy, the most populated island in Norway situated on the south west coast of Norway, in between Bergen and Stavanger. 

Her roots from her mothers side date back to year 500 in the small countryside of Avaldsnes, the first settelment of the Vikings. Her roots from her fathers side are from Alsace Lorraine in France, Cork in Ireland as well as Lincolnshire, U.K.

Since 2005 Liberty purchased her second home in Formentera del Segura, Guardamar, Alicante on mainland Spain.

Liberty ran a company "aimstudio" clinic quite a few years as of 2004 doing work as a medium, teacher, healer and hypnotherapist. Her company closed in 2012 when she had a bad fall to the head and received long term post-concussion resulting in her quality of life being challenged. She challenged herself and continued to teach until November 2015 over Skype. Liberty retired from her busy life and is now concentrating on her own studies in Pyschic Science and Philosphy as well as writing books.

Gallery Liberty (FB page: Galleri Liberty) has offered classes in Mediumship, Healing, The Power of Thought and Intention, Reiki 1 & 2 as well as Master, Mandala workshop and Sound Healing Meditations. Liberty has had private sessions in Life Coaching, Healing, Mediumship, Soul Assessment, and Hypnotherapy. 

Liberty has given many souls Spiritual names and has also informed them of their Spiritual team. 
All is done delivered on a CD with or without an Auragraph. This work is now a part of her past and will be cherished in her heart.


Liberty hopes you will continue to follow her website. She is known for her gentleness as well as her wit. If you decide to attend one of her workshops or courses, she does work through personal effectiveness and it is shown through the professional students that have done many of her 2 year degrees in Spirtual Coaching; Reiki Master, Healing, Intuitive Painting, etc.

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